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Power Asset Recovery Corporation: Case Histories

Replacement RRPR Valve on Vintage Transformer

Replacement RRPR Valve on Vintage Transformer
  • Louisiana utility needed a RRPR valve on a 1967 GE Pittsfield GSU
  • Original OEM parts support was no longer available
  • PARC was able to supply a new valve that was an exact dimensional and functional replacement

A major investor-owned utility located in Louisiana needed a new RRPR (Rapid Rise Pressure Relay) shutoff valve, including one spare valve for their 1967 vintage 100MVA GE Pittsfield transformer. Our team of experts was able to source the exact dimensional and functional modern replacement valve.

Generator Step-Up Transformers

  • 10,000 KVA & Above
  • 550 MVA, Westinghouse Generator
  • Step-Up Transformer, 500kV Y to 25kV
  • Sold to a Generating Station in Louisiana


Retrofit FOA Cooling Package

Retrofit FOA Cooling Package
  • New York IOU’s mobile transformer was in dire need of a replacement FOA cooler
  • These exact replacement parts were no longer manufactured
  • PARC quickly designed a cooling retrofit with higher cooling capacity

A New York investor-owned utility had a GE Pittsfield mobile substation transformer with a leaking FOA cooler. PARC designed an FOA cooling package to retrofit in place the new modern cooling package with higher cooling capacity.

Transmission Auto Transformers

  • 25,000KVA & Above
  • 120/160/200/224 MVA
  • McGraw Edison, Autotransformer, 230kV Y to 138kV Y w/LTC
  • Sold to an Ohio Utility

A large autotransformer utilized as a tie between two transmission lines failed and there was no spare on hand. With heavy summer peak loading approaching within three months and an estimated lead time of 44 weeks, the utility was facing a serious dilemma. Without the full capacity of this tie line there would be portions of Cincinnati, and possibly Dayton depending upon loads in the region, that would be facing brown outs and possible black outs. Power Asset Recovery Corporation located, supplied, and moved the unit turnkey to the substation having the unit installed and operational in May prior to the Summer Peaks which begin in June

Substation Step-Down Transformers

  • 5,000KVA & Above
  • 24/32/40 MVA, GE Substation Transformer
  • 230kV to 12.47kV Y w/LTC
  • Sold to a Florida Utility

Due to a significant number of failures above and beyond anticipated failure rates, a utility in the Orlando area was required to engage most of their spare substation transformers leaving them vulnerable if they experienced additional failures. Power Asset Recovery Corporation was contacted and a suitable replacement was sourced to allow additional insurance to keep the electricity flowing in the event of any further transformer failures.

Replacement Conservator Liquid Level Gauge Assembly

Replacement Oil Level System
  • Pennsylvanian IOU needed to replace a conservator liquid level gauge assembly
  • Federal Pioneer was no longer supported by the OEM
  • PARC expeditiously designed, tested, and shipped a functional replacement oil level system

A major investor-owned utility in Pennsylvania needed to replace a conservator liquid level gauge assembly. The equipment was over 30 years old and was no longer supported by the original OEM Federal Pioneer. PARC was able to design, test, and supply a viable and functional replacement oil level system that solved the customer's need.

Distribution Transformers

  • 500KVA & Above
  • 3750 KVA, 34.5kV to 13.2kV Y ABB
  • Unused transformer sold to a manufacturing company in Illinois


Transformer Parts, Bushings, Pumps, LTC Switches

  • Nine New/Unused 345kV PCore
  • Transformer Bushings
  • Sold to a Michigan Utility

A large investor-owned utility in Michigan experienced a catastrophic failure of a 345,000-volt bushing on a critical generation step-up transformer. The failure investigation revealed a possible flaw in the design of the bushings being utilized at several of their critical 345,000-volt generator step-up transformers. Power Asset Recovery Corporation had nine new, unused, and upgraded design bushings to allow the utility to immediately replace the faulty bushings, minimizing risks to assets, personnel, and revenue. The lead time for sourcing newly manufactured bushings for the application was approximately 20 weeks. PARC delivered the bushings within six days.

SF6 Vacuum, Oil Circuit Breakers

transformer SF6
  • 15kV to 500kV
  • 242kV ABB
  • SF6 Circuit Breaker
  • Sold to a Texas Utility


SF6 Vacuum, Oil Circuit Breakers

transformer SF6
  • 15kV to 500kV
  • 138kV Westinghouse
  • SF6 Circuit Breaker
  • Sold to a Texas Utility


Mobile Substation Transformers

substation transformer
  • Mobile Transformer
  • 30MVA 138kV to Multiple Low Voltages
  • Sold to a California Utility


Transformer Decommissioning / Scrapping

transformer decommissioning
  • Forensic Tear Down on Generator Step-Up
  • Transformer for Failure Analysis for a Utility in Michigan


Transformer Field Service

transformer field service
  • Field Assembly and Testing on a 60/80/100 MVA
  • Autotransformer for a Wind Project in North Dakota

A large wind power producer was up against a hard deadline to meet project requirements of production at their wind farm. The problem was a required transformer was running very late on delivery. Power Asset Recovery Corporation was contacted and a suitable replacement was sourced, leased, transported, assembled, tested, and installed prior to the project’s deadline. This solved the interim problem, and when the new transformer finally arrived the lease was terminated and the transformer returned, offering a viable solution to the unique problem.